Meet The Man That Sued God To Court And What Happened After (Photos)

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Just in 2007, a Nebraska state representative, Ernie Chambers sued God to court. Continue perusing to discover why he did and what occurred in the court.

Ernie Chambers was conceived on July 10, 1937 (83 years), his dad was a minister for the Church of God in Christ. He earned his lone wolves degree in history in 1959 and completed graduate school in same University in 1979.


He is the main African American in Nebraska history to run for lead representative. He’s additionally the main African American to run for the senate. He served from 1971 to 200o and again from 2013 till date.

In 2007 when he sued God, Chamber’s claim looked for a lasting directive requesting God to stop certain destructive demonstrations and furthermore the creation of terroristic dangers.

As indicated by Ernie Chambers, the respondent (God) is blameworthy of causing floods, tremors, storms, alarming twisters, plagues, crushing dry seasons, wars, birth abandons, etc.

In August of 2008, Chambers and God got a date in court, judge Marlon Polk the managing judge. An unfilled table was saved for God and God’s lawyer. The appointed authority excused the claim since God’s place of residence was not recorded which made it difficult to bring him, consequently the case couldn’t push ahead.


Chambers nonetheless, said that since God is omniscient, he shouldn’t be served in light of the fact that he would have known.

Chambers would have liked to make a political point with his claim, that a court ought to be needed to hear a case, regardless of how unimportant it may be. “Anybody can sue who they pick, even God”………..See More


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