Meet The Black Man Who Won Guinness World Record Due To His Natural Hair (Photos)

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Being an admirer of hair, I went directly to where I can see great pictures of them. As I was looking down a specific post I found this lovely picture.

Seeing him just because, I chose to accomplish more examination about him since I had just went crazy for him and his little girls’ hair. I looked on google utilizing the image depiction, and I discovered that his name is Benny Harlem so I chose to expound on him for us to learn something.

Benny Harlem is an African/American, conceived in New York on August 23, 1990. He is likewise a Guinness world record holder in light of his natural hair which he has been developing for more than 13 years now. He has additionally highlighted in numerous magazines spread which he was alluded to as the new substance of manliness.

Being a characteristic hair influencer via online media, he has had the option to impact so a significant number of his supporters to adore themselves and their common hair. he’s additionally a motivation to a portion of our individuals of color who figure they must be excellent by wearing phony hair augmentation.


This is one reason why I chose to compose this article to teach a few of us to adore ourselves for whom we are. God didn’t commit an error by storing such a great amount of melanin in our body. For you to wear fake hair and bleach your skin, you are by implication disclosing to God that he committed an error by making you the manner in which you are.


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What bewilders me most about certain ladies who wears counterfeit hair and fade their skins is that they even go through more cash to secure the stuffs that they use. As it were, they are paying more cash to sell out their actual self…


It pays to cherish yourself my dear since you are exceptionally wonderful and special the manner in which you are. See Benny Harlem and his girl, they love themselves and deals with their regular hair. Presently they are in any event, persuading paid to be included on magazines spread since they cherished themselves.


African individuals are honored, special and very beautiful……….See More

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