Meet Mahant Amar Bharti Ji The Man That raises His Arm For 38 Years (Photos)

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In 1973, this man lifted his hand to pay tribute to Hindu divinity Shiva – and he hasn’t put it down since then.

In 1970 Amar left his activity, loved ones to commit himself to his strict convictions.

Amar essentially lifted his hand as an indication of his commitment.

It’s currently been 40 years plus and the arm has not yet come down.

Amar’s did this in a guide of the world should be peaceful and no to war.

Amar’s Style of life has transformed his arm into a into something else and he don’t feel pain again in that hand,  the hand is now twisted hand and unclipped fingernails swinging from the end.

Amar says he encountered long periods pains and torment when he started, however the pain is no more because he don’t feel that hands any more.

What’s left of his arm is presently stuck in the peculiar position, decayed following quite a while of non-use.

Lovers of Hinduism will regularly go through mind blowing demonstrations of altruism, once in a while including starvation.

A large number of Amar’s devotees have gone with the same pattern, raising their own arms for a considerable length of time and even decades……….See More

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