Meet 4 Nigerian Celebrity Siblings Making Waves In The Same Industry (Photos)

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When it comes to entertainment, two is undoubtedly preferable to one. These celebrities’ success appears to run in the family. With their sheer talent, these siblings keep us delighted day after day. They don’t compete with one another; instead, they inspire each other to be the best they can be.

1. Niniola and Teni (Musicians)

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The music industry in Nigeria has been shaken by these two sisters. Niniola requires no introduction because, among other things, she is the face of some of Nigeria’s most well-known brands. Teni, her younger sister, is also a musician who has had several successful songs. Davido and Phyno are just a few of the notable stars she’s worked with.

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Teni and Niniola, unlike other celebrity siblings, do not compete or fight on social media; instead, they encourage one another.

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2. Angel Unigwe and Buchi Unigwe (Nollywood Stars)

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Angel Unigwe and her brother, Buchi Unigwe, are both well-known Nollywood actors. These kids have done it all, from working with major names like Zubby Micheal and Destiny Etiko.

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Despite the efforts of fans to turn one against the other, I am confident that no one will be able to break Angel and her brother’s bond. These two have always been happy in Nollywood and are frequently spotted together.

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3. Uji Okoli and Tony White Okoli (Nollywood stars)

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I know what you’re thinking: “Uju Okoli has a Brother?!”. Yes, she does. His name is Tony White Okoli and he’s super handsome too! Although Uji is more well-known, Tony White is a talented actor who has acted in movies alongside Regina Daniels, Jerry Amilo, Yul Edochie, and others.

Tony White on set with Regina Daniels

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Image credit: Instagram

4. Kamaru Usman and Mohammed Usman (Mixed martial artists)

Image credit: Getty Images

Many people are unaware that Kamaru Usman, the current UFC Welterweight Champion, has a brother who is also a Mixed martial artist, Mohammed Usman.

Image credit: Facebook

Mohammed Usman fights in the Titan Fighting Championship, while Kamaru Usman fights in the Ultimate Fight Championship. Mohammed has turned down multi-million naira UFC offers, most likely because he does not want to fight with his brother.

Image credit: Instagram

Two fighters under one roof – you wouldn’t want to mess with the Usman family………..See More

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