Ladies Can You Marry A Man With This Kind Of Room, See Photos And Reactions

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Marriage isn’t simply something you can race into so as not to surge out it, marriage is past the actual association, it likewise includes the money related perspective. As a man, don’t simply say you need to get married to a lady and you don’t have any kind of revenue.

Marriage is tied in with arranging. As far as I might be concerned, for a man to wed a lady, the two of them ought to have something that is bringing them cash before they even attempt marriage, with this, the family will be a decent one.

As of late on Facebook, there was a disputable question posed by a specific Facebook user, as he posted an image of a room that has a fridge, a bed and a TV set, he at that point added an inscription that says “Women will you acknowledge engagement proposal from a man that lives in this house?.”

See the post underneath.


Despite the fact that nothing is wrong  with the room, yet numerous individuals has been responding to the post since. See a few responses beneath.

the greater part of the comments were so sensible. Some said that they can wed a man that lives in such house.

Do you feel that young ladies in this current century can wed a man that lives in only one room…………See More

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