Kanu: I Told Him You Were In Your Mom’s Womb When The War Was Being Fought; He Abused Me—Edwin Clark

Pa Edwin Clark, an elder statesman and leader of the Southern and Middle-Belt Leaders Forum (SMBLF), has spoken about his experience with Nnamdi Kanu. He explained that he once criticized Kanu for his extreme actions and reminded him that he was not born during the Civil War of 1967, a conflict that had a significant impact on Nigeria.

In a report shared today by The Sun, Pa Clark said he acknowledged Kanu’s right to protest but urged him to avoid violence and actions harmful to the country. He said this advice did not sit well with Kanu, who abused him.

In Pa Clark’s words: “I accused him that you were in your mother’s womb when the war was being fought. This war took place in 1967 and you were not born at that time. Take it easy. You have every right to demonstrate but don’t kill people, don’t do things that are not good for the country. He abused me back…..See More

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