Judging From What Wole Soyinka Said, Is It The Fear Of Peter Obi Or The Fear Of Igboman- Sidney Dike

In a recent interview with The Sun, Chief Sidney Dike, a seasoned politician and former governorship aspirant of Abia State, explored the historical and contemporary challenges faced by the Igbo people in their quest for the Nigerian presidency. He said that it’ll be difficult for an Igboman to become the president of Nigeria.

Chief Dike acknowledged the significant strides made by Peter Obi, whose recent political endeavours have brought the possibility of an Igbo presidency closer than ever before. According to Dike, Obi’s efforts have resonated particularly with the youth of Nigeria, signaling a potential shift in the political dynamics of the nation. However, Dike pointed out that this movement faces considerable resistance rooted in perceived historical prejudices against the Igbo people.

Dike referenced Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka’s recent remarks, highlighting the persistent fear of the Igbo. This fear, according to Dike, is not just about individual candidates like Peter Obi but a broader apprehension towards the Igbo as a group. He argued that these fears are not new; they have been ingrained in Nigeria’s political fabric since the colonial era.

Speaking on the difficulty of an Igboman being the president of Nigeria, Dike said; “It will be difficult. The nearest effort to that seat is what Peter Obi has been able to achieve but you can see that except for the youths, that same fear of the Igboman”

“…judging from what Wole Soyinka said two weeks ago, is it the fear of Peter Obi or is it the fear of the Igboman but let’s watch and see because the youths of this country seem to have a direction. The fear of the Igboman didnt just start today. According to Harold Smith, the fear of the Igboman started from the colonial masters and they did everything they could to make sure that the Igboman didn’t emerge, be it at the prime ministerial level or the Executive President………Seē Morē

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