It Will Take 15-25 Years And $billions To Bring Gaza Back To Where It Was On Oct. 6 — Mosab Hassan

Mosab Hassan Yousef, the high-profile son of a Hamas co-founder turned Israeli informant, has stirred significant conversation with his recent Twitter statement, highlighting critical developments in the Gaza conflict. He revealed that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Egypt are preparing to play a crucial role in the post-war security landscape of Gaza.

This move signals a significant shift in regional dynamics, aiming to stabilize the war-torn enclave once Hamas’s military power is curbed.

In his pointed message, Yousef outlined the relentless pursuit by Israeli security forces—IDF, Shin Bet, and Mossad—of Hamas operatives. This campaign, described as a long-term operation, underscores Israel’s determination to bring to justice those responsible for the devastating October 7 attacks. These efforts are expected to persist for months, if not years, demonstrating Israel’s commitment to dismantling Hamas’s leadership and operational capabilities.

Yousef also touched on the geopolitical maneuvering of Hamas leaders. Reportedly, their attempts to relocate from Qatar to either Turkey or Jordan have been rebuffed. This rejection leaves Hamas leadership in a precarious position as regional allies show increasing reluctance to provide sanctuary.

Moreover, Yousef’s insights into Hamas’s internal crisis highlight the diminishing leverage of Yahya Sinwar, a key Hamas figure. As negotiations over hostage exchanges falter, Sinwar may soon face the stark reality of having to release captives in exchange for his safe exile—a significant blow to his standing within the organization.

Rebuilding Gaza, according to Yousef, is a monumental challenge. He estimates it will take between 15 to 25 years and billions of dollars to restore the region to its pre-war state as of October 6. This forecast underscores the extensive economic and infrastructural rehabilitation required to revive Gaza.

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Yousef’s remarks culminate in a sharp critique of pro-Palestinian activists, whom he dismissively advises to “eat Falafel and STFU,” reflecting his disdain for what he views as their misguided support for Hamas. Check Other Article 

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