Instead Of Trekking With The Cattle All The Way To The South, They Can Fly In Airplanes–Itse Sagay

According to the report from the Sun, a legal luminary, former chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption, under the previous government of President Muhammadu Buhari, Professor Itse Sagay (SAN) suggested establishing ranches in the North as a means to better organize and manage the cattle industry, proposing that cattle be transported via lorries to designated locations such as abattoirs in the South.

He highlighted the significant economic potential of the cattle industry and argued that adopting a more structured approach, including setting up ranches, could help maximize its benefits.

He encouraged exploring the possibility of processing cattle into products such as corned beef or frozen beef, which could then be transported to the South more efficiently, including by air.

He noted that in many countries, beef is primarily available in processed and packaged forms, emphasizing that such practices could also be implemented in Nigeria, reducing the need for cattle to be visibly herded through populated areas.

He said, “They can have the ranches and when they want to take them to the South, they put them in lorries and drive them to towns where they have specific places, maybe abattoirs where they can be killed. These things can be organised, but above that what the North doesn’t realise by refusing to think of, though they may be aware, is that the cattle industry is one of the most rewarding in the world. Instead of trekking with the cattle all the way to the South, if they have ranches they can slaughter the cattle, make corned beef, and make frozen beef which they can even fly in airplanes down to the South. Abroad everything is frozen, you don’t see the cows anywhere. They only see cows in places where food is sold, already wrapped and prepared…..Sēē Morē

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