Igbos Can Build All Those Vehicles We Import If We Adopt The Restructuring Template – Wale Olagunju

President of the Directorate of the Concerned Patriots of Nigeria (DCPN), Wale Olagunju, has explained the group’s vision for a new Nigeria, where sovereign states are united without divisions under a new name – the United States of Nigeria (USN).

According to the report by Guardian on Saturday, the has been at the forefront of advocating for the restructuring of the country.

Olagunju, also the Presiding Bishop of the Divine Seed of God Chapel Ministry, stated that their proposal is not regional restructuring but national restructuring.

He explained that each state would become a country and a state under the USN, similar to the United States of America, where California is both a country and a state.

He cited the example of the United Arab Emirates, where seven countries came together to form a unified nation.

He said he believes that this restructuring would unlock the potential of each region, allowing them to develop and thrive without dependence on the federal government.

Olagunju noted that the Igbo land has the capacity to produce vehicles, while Hausa land can develop Sokoto and Kano to surpass Dubai.

He noted that regional restructuring has been tried before and failed, and their proposal is a more inclusive and peaceful solution.

He said, “In Nigeria, we have China and Japan of the world in Igbo land. The Igbos can build all those vehicles we import if we adopt the restructuring template we are proposing.

“Look at Hausa, they can develop Sokoto and Kano better than Dubai. Look at Yoruba land, they can develop better…..Chēck Moré

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