If You Catch This Insect Alive, You Can Actually Become Rich. It Could Be Sold For 32M Naira $85,000 (Photos)

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Not all bugs are priceless. Some are jewels and some are just there. Stag scarabs are one of the most significant and breathtaking creepy crawlies on the planet. They go through the greater part of their time on earth they are very innocuous and are amusing to watch. With an expected life expectancy of 7 years, the male stag bug, in contrast to the female, is a valued belonging, a major fortune to many.

male stag bugs appear to have huge prongs. They have larger than usual mandibles, utilized in romance showcases and to battle other male scarabs, and will in general be seen flying at sunset in the mid year searching for a mate, while female insects are littler at between 30-50mm long, with littler mandibles. They are frequently observed on the ground looking for some place to lay their eggs.


As indicated by Nedret Avcı, the head of Bilecik Municipality’s Veterinary Department, the male stag insect, which has six radio wires, can discover purchasers in Japan, where they are sold as pets and for assortments for as much as $80,000 – $150,000(around N35,000,000 to N150,000,000). It is undoubtedly an entirely important specie, likewise purchased and sold in Germany.


Catching the stag bug alive could make you an extremely rich individual. Be that as it may, it is uncommon and hard to spot one……..See More

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