“If No Man Comes For Your Hand In Marriage And You’re Getting Older, Get Pregnant To At Least Have Your Own Child” – Ugezu J Ugezu

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Renowned filmmaker Ugezu J Ugezu recently took to Instagram to offer advice, specifically addressing single and unmarried women who find themselves surpassing the conventional age for marriage. Speaking in Igbo, the veteran media personality highlighted the evolving societal norms, citing past taboos that have now become acceptable in modern times.

Ugezu pointed out the shift in societal attitudes, referencing past stigmas such as the exclusion of children born out of wedlock from family inheritance and religious positions. He emphasized how these once stringent norms have evolved, now accommodating a more accepting outlook in contemporary society.

Encouraging unmarried women, Ugezu suggested considering motherhood outside the bounds of traditional marriage. He emphasized the widespread acceptance of single motherhood in modern times, urging women to contemplate having children on their terms, even in the absence of a marital union.

The veteran filmmaker’s advice reflects a changing landscape where societal perspectives on family structures have shifted significantly. What was once considered unconventional or taboo has gradually gained acceptance, allowing individuals more freedom in making personal choices about parenthood and relationships.

Watch Ugezu’s impactful message in the Instagram video below, where he articulately presents his thoughts and offers guidance to women navigating the changing dynamics of modern society.

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