If FG Gives Us One State, Releases Nnamdi Kanu For Igbo People, Nobody Will Talk Biafra- Amobi Ogah

Honorable Amobi Ogah, a Member representing Isikwuato/Umunneche Federal Constituency of Abia State, said that if the government gives the Igbo people one state to balance other regions and releases Nnamdi Kanu for them, nobody will talk about Biafra. He said what they feel in their hearts is that they are not recognized like others.

He added that the Igbo people are always thinking about their country, and there is no part of the country where people won’t see an Igbo person driving the economy. Ogah claimed that no other region can be matched with the Igbos because they are industrious and enterprising. He added that the government can change the system to regional government if the Igbo people don’t make positive things happen.

In an interview with Channels Television, as reported by The Daily Sun News, the Honorable Amobi Ogah said, “If the Nigerian government gives us one state to balance with other regions and releases Nnamdi Kanu for Igbo people, my brother, nobody will talk about Biafra. See, like I explained to you before, when you have like two or three kids and one is feeling that he is not taken care of like the other, naturally, that child will not be happy. The burning fire in our hearts is that we are feeling that we are not recognized like others.”

He continued, “This is a region that thinks about Nigeria. There is no part of this country where you don’t see an Igbo man driving the economy, trying to make sure that Nigeria works as a nation, but whenever it comes to sharing, the question of viability will come. Even the viability you are talking about, go to any state that is doing well; it’s the Igbo people that are making those states viable. No other region can be compared with the Igbo.”

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Ogah added, “The Igbo are industrious and enterprising; if you want to know that the Igbo can change and make things happen, change the system of government to regional government and see what the Igbo man can do……See_More 


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