I Was Praying About Nigeria When I Saw A Thick Dark Cloud Over 3 Parts Of The Country – Joshua Iginla

Prophet Joshua Iginla, founder and senior pastor of Champions Royal Assembly, recently shared a revelation from God in a YouTube video. He recounted, “I was praying about Nigeria when I saw a thick dark cloud over three parts of the country. I’m not a prophet of doom, but I will share with you what God revealed to me, possibly to throw a little light as He reveals to redeem.”

Iginla detailed his vision of three dark clouds, which he found particularly troubling. One cloud was over River State, another over Lagos, and the third over an unidentified northern state. He saw men, both young and old, looking very furious and bitter, which he interpreted as a negative omen.

“The Lord told me to warn the current government to pay attention to River State and allow democracy to have its place. In life, you win some battles, you lose some battles,” Iginla emphasized. He stressed the importance of the government addressing these issues to avoid potential unrest.

Directly addressing the Governor of Rivers State, Iginla urged him to recognize the importance of his leadership. He said, “His Excellency, the Governor of Rivers State, believe me or you don’t believe me, God has brought him to Rivers State for such a time like this through the act of man and the Divine Act of God.

This little smoke that we see, if we don’t allow it to go down, it might cause us a lot, especially our great president, his Excellency at the center.”

Iginla warned that the dark clouds represented a movement that could lead to severe consequences if not addressed. He called on the government to be proactive and heed these signs to prevent being overwhelmed by crises.

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Through this revelation, Iginla aims to highlight the need for vigilance and responsible governance to ensure Nigeria’s peace and stability, warning that ignoring these signs could lead to significant challenges, especially for the country’s leadership……See Morē

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