I Know There Is Grand Plan To Arrest My Supporters, This Time You Have To Pass Through Me—Sim Fubara

The Chairman of Asari Toru LGA, Onengiyeofori George, has asserted that the youth of Rivers State are not responsible for the recent armed takeover of his local government.

Speaking in an interview on Channels Television’s Politics Today, he expressed skepticism about their capability to handle such sophisticated weapons within his jurisdiction.

George emphasised that the perpetrators of these violent actions were not the local youth, hinting at an external orchestration behind the events.

He also questioned the governor’s authority, stating that the governor’s power does not surpass that of the state of Rivers.

In a recent press briefing, George detailed the events that led to the occupation of his council, expressing his disbelief that local youth could be behind such a well-armed and coordinated attack.

He pointed out that the weapons and tactics used were beyond what the local youth could access or execute, suggesting that the incident was the result of an outside force attempting to destabilise his administration.

George’s comments come amid increasing tension in Rivers State, where issues of violence and political instability have been on the rise.

He criticised the state government’s handling of the situation and called for a thorough investigation to uncover the true masterminds behind the occupation.

According to him, attributing such actions to the local youth is an oversimplification that diverts attention from the real culprits.

He further criticised the perceived dominance of the state governor, asserting that the governor’s authority should not overshadow the autonomy of the local government areas.

George said, “The governor is the governor. The yam and the knife are with him, and he should abide by the law.

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“He did not obey the judgement of the court that said our tenure should be extended. It’s not Rivers State youth that stormed my council. Rivers State youth cannot carry those kinds of guns to my local government.

“I have been calling the Inspector General of Police to rise to the occasion. The governor is not bigger than Rivers State….See More

Go And See Nwanosike preparing for war, wearing bulletproof; what has the CP said” -Chijioke Ihunwo


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