I Am Living On My Tithe Not Your Own, I Am Living On My Seed Not Your Own” – Bishop David Oyedepo

During a powerful sermon titled “Towards Maximizing Our Glorious Destiny In Christ 5” at the Covenant Day of All Round Rest Service, Bishop David Oyedepo, the General Overseer of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, delivered a compelling message on personal commitment, divine protection, and the importance of living by one’s own faith and contributions.

Bishop Oyedepo made a striking statement, emphasizing his personal financial independence from the church’s funds. “I am living on my tithe not your own, I am living on my seed not your own,” he declared” as it underlines his commitment to practicing what he preaches, relying on his own financial offerings and labor rather than those of his congregation.

He recounted a remarkable experience where divine guidance led him to prevent a potential robbery. “I have never kept this Church money in my hand overnight except one wonderful day when the Lord told me to get down to the office. I got there. ‘Call the administrator,’ I called him. Get every cash you have here out of this place. We did that. Two and half hours after armed robbers invaded the place. They found nothing. I walk in the spirit,” Bishop Oyedepo shared. This incident underscores his spiritual attunement and God’s protection over his ministry.

Bishop Oyedepo urged his congregation to enter into a personal covenant with God, making the service of God’s Kingdom their highest priority. “Don’t say ‘we are going’ ‘we are coming.’ You as a person, consciously enter into a covenant as an individual to make serving God and the interests of His Kingdom your priority for living,” he instructed, reflecting on his own commitment made on September 12, 1976. He encouraged believers to adopt a similar personal dedication.

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Fast forward the VIDEO to 1 hour for the sermon

He concluded with a powerful decree: “In the name of Jesus, I decree that your days of panting and palpitating to make things happen have come to an end in your life. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things others are dying for shall be added to you, no games, no gimmicks…..Seē Morē

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