How Many Of You Believe In Heaven And Hell, And The After Life Do They really exist? Let Find Out

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Firstly heaven and hell is a place we can’t see with our physical eye’s and does not exist in our physical world. But we all have that mindset that yes there’s a place called heaven and hell after life.

The question in many people mind is where is heaven located and hell? Yes let mute fight and religions aside is a good question to ask.


Where do we go after death do we just sleep for years and for ever means our time and story in this world have come to an end. and we go like other animals who comes to this same earth with us and die and be forgotten?

The day you die your soul leave your body I believe we humans are more spiritual then we think come to think about it. the witchcraft and some black magic where do they get such powers from?.

Only this thinking will start telling you the world we are today is more spiritual then physical.

The question today do you believe in heaven and hell? 

Was discussing this today with my friends and he quotes:

Everyone have the right to believe what ever he/she likes because no one can tell what really happen after life.

And another of my friend’s drop a comment saying he believes in heaven and quote ;

The question now is to you please try as much as possible to avoid using of harsh comment’s or rude words to anyone we all here to learn.

More comments keep coming in;

How many of you believe in heaven and hell, and the afterlife Do they really exist?……….See More

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