Here’s What Happens In The Tragic Case That One Conjoined Twin Dies

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Twins that are born with their bodies fused together are known as conjoined twins. Some twins share only a small amount of tissue, and both kids may have all of the organs and other structures they require. Conjoined twins can be linked in a number of different ways.

Not all conjoined twins are surgical candidates, such as those who share a heart. Separation surgery is a demanding procedure that requires the involvement of a variety of healthcare professionals with varying degrees of expertise.

Many conjoined twins share various tissues, circulatory networks, and brain systems as a result of the embryological abnormality. Attempts to separate them in the first few hours after birth typically fail. Following the death of a twin, there are a variety of conditions based on tissue, vascular, and organ sharing.


According to mayoclinic. Identical twins (monozygotic twins) are created when a single fertilized egg divides and develops into two individuals. Eight to twelve days after conception, the layers of the embryo that will split to make monozygotic twins start to grow into organs and structures that will be unique to each twin.

The separation process ceases before the twins are fully developed when the embryo breaks later than this—usually between 13 and 15 days after conception—and the twins are conjoined.

Another theory suggests that two separate embryos may fuse together early in development.

What Happens When One Of The Conjoined Twins Dies?

When one of the conjoined twins dies, whether from natural causes or an unintentional tragedy, the remaining twin generally follows in the footsteps of the deceased twin. It may take hours or days, but once one conjoined twin goes away, the other has only a limited period of time left on this planet.

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Blood will flow into the living twin if one of the twins’ heartbeats stops. They’d need to be in the hospital with a team of doctors ready to go before the loss, with only hours to save the living twin with surgery. Even if the surviving twin could be saved, separation operations require at least 10 hours.

Sepsis occurs when the illness of the deceased twin overwhelms the system of the living twin, causing inflammation and organ failure. Twins who are conjoined are extremely rare. They’re categorized by the body portion to which they’re attached. Usually, conjoined twins are linked at the chest. The future for conjoined twins is bleak.

Many newborns die while still in the womb or shortly after birth. Separation surgery, on the other hand, can be carried out successfully in some cases. Ultrasound is commonly used to detect conjoined twins early in pregnancy……..See More 

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