Herders: ‘If You Go To A Place Like Abia, The Governor Has Control Over The Land’ -Sen Adamu Aliero

A Senator representing Kebbi Central, Senator Adamu Aliero speaking about the establishment of ranches for Herders has alleged that states like Abia state can refuse to allocate land for ranching purposes to Herders.

He explained that land management falls under the jurisdiction of state governors and so it impedes any federal initiatives aimed at developing ranching at the state level. He also recounted the significant resistance from state governors when the topic of land acquisition for ranching arose. He highlighted how governors collectively opposed the idea of ceding land to the Federal Government for ranching purposes.

He said in an interview with Arise TV, ”How do you even establish ranching without having land? Land is totally under the control of the governors, except here in the Federal Capital Territory where the Federal Government has the exclusive right. If you go to a place like Abia, the governor has control over the land. He can decide not to give the land to anybody that wants to establish ranching.

(Start Watching The Video From Minute 6:26)

When there was so much controversy about where to get land, the governors were totally opposed to it, they were saying that they would never give land to the Federal Government to establish ranching. The then governor of Kano state pledged that he was willing to give up to 1000 hectares of land in Kano for the federal government to go and establish ranching. But the Federal Government never turned up. The whole thing just died like that….See More

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