He Was Born In 5 Months Instead Of 9 Months, Doctors Said He Might Not Make It, See How He Looks Now

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Indeed Theirs God know Matter what we do we should believe that and miracles do exists and God have plans for everyone.

Here is a story of a baby that was given birth in 5 month not the normal 9month a child need to be given birth and come to this world.

For him coming to this world in just 5month is because of some complicated issues which the child can’t stay more for 9months the way other children are been given birth too.

The child named jaxson was born in the year 2015, August. He only stayed 5 month in his mother womb.

The doctor announced that he can’t make it because he didn’t stay enough time in his mother womb and have not be fully build as other children his chance of survive is just 20% this is very bad.

He was very tiny and does not look like other kids he weight just 1lb. 

We all understand the fact a fully grown baby suppose to stay in his mother womb for at list 9months before he or she will be delivered. A normal child wight up to 2.5kg + in weight.

After the doctor announcement Everyone was shocked because jaxson didn’t die instead he was growing so fast and healthy.

Days passed months, years jaxson keep growing and so much alive. It’s over 6 years jaxson was born and he look so health now and very handsome.

See recent picture of jason ;

No matter what any doctor or man tell you God have not yet said No his the same yesterday and for ever who will say No when God says Yes we still believe in miracles and with God all things Are possible………..See More

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