He told my dad that I should obey the last order, which is for him to sleep with me—Female soldier

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A female soldier has recounted some challenges she is currently facing in the Nigerian Army.

In a video posted by Sahara TV, the Nigerian soldier narrated how a superior officer in the Army requested intimacy from her, which she refused.

Her refusal to engage in intimacy with the superior officer, whom she named colonel Ib Abdulkareem, triggered hatred in the heart of her superior, thereby giving her a tough time in the force.

After so many unfounded restrictions, the female millitant called for the intervention of her father in the whole issue.

Following her father’s intervention, Colonel Abdulkareem gave his reaction, where he asked the victim’s father to implore his daughter to follow the last order, which was to give a positive response to his quest for intimacy.

For more context, watch the video at the link below.

According to her, “There was a time I called my dad, and my dad intervened. He was telling my dad to tell me to obey the last order. What’s the last order? For him to sleep with me”.

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Click on the link below to watch the video, starting at the 3:53 minute mark……. See More

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