Hardship: Nigerians Are Getting Very Angry, I’m Very Worried Not For Tinubu But For Myself—Ali Ndume

According to the Nigerian Tribune, Senator Ali Ndume, the Senate’s Chief Whip and a Borno South lawmaker, has made a serious complaint against President Bola Tinubu. He said that some elements in the Presidential Villa had “caged” President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. He argued that these pressures made it impossible for selfless Nigerians to visit the President.

Senator Ndume stated his concerns to media on Wednesday in Abuja’s National Assembly compound. His words followed a Senate resolution voted on Tuesday. The Senate urged the federal government to address the country’s impending food crisis and swiftly tell Nigerians of the efforts being taken.

The resolution was a response to a motion titled “Urgent Need to Address Food Insecurity and Market Exploitation of Consumables In Nigeria.”

Senator Sunday Karimi of Kogi West and Senator Ndume of Ndume co-sponsored this resolution. Senator Ndume expressed his dissatisfaction with the lack of action taken to address the nation’s security issues.

The senator urged President Tinubu to act, emphasising how urgently the government needed to address the food shortfall. Senator Ndume also addressed the struggle between farmers and herders, which has exacerbated the food situation. He emphasised that contributions are frequently motivated by ethnic emotions and expressed unhappiness with stakeholders’ lack of clarity in addressing the issue.

“Mr. President isn’t in the picture of what is happening outside the Villa. He has been fenced off and caged.” So many of us won’t go through the backdoor to engage him. Now they have stopped him from talking, and he doesn’t have public affairs managers, except his spokesman, Ajuri Angelo, who writes press statements. Nigerians are getting very, very angry.”

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“I am very worried not only for the President himself but myself,” he said…..See_More


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