Did You Know Chinua Achebe Once Turned Down $1 Million Offer From 50Cent To Use ‘Things Fall Apart’?

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Years back, the famous scholarly symbol, Chinua Achebe, turned down a $1 million proposal from American rapper, Curtis Jackson, prevalently known as 50 cent to utilize the title of his book ‘Things Fall Apart’ for a film tithe. About the said time, the American rapper was getting ready to deliver a film with the title ‘Things Fall Apart’, just to be reached by the lawful group of Chinua Achebe for encroaching on the licensed innovation of the dad of present day Africa writing.

This issue prompted a fight in court between the team. Notwithstanding, 50 cent realizing that triumph isn’t guaranteed in the lawful moves chose to offer the African writer $1 million dollar so as to keep the title. However, the offer was turned somewhere around Chinua Achebe who resented the offer. The legal counselor of the African writing legend, said “The epic with the said title was at first created in 1958, that is 17 years before 50 cent was conceived. It is recorded as the most perused book in present day african writing and won’t be sold for even £1 billion”.

At last, the decay of the offer constrained 50 cent to change the offering of the film from ‘Things Fall Apart’ to ‘Everything Fall Apart’. The film from 50 cent is an account of an American football player who was determined to have disease. As indicated by reports, it was a task that was composed, delivered and financed by 50 cent.

The dismissal of the $1 million proposal by Chinua Achebe made a few responses from general society. While a few people think Achebe shouldn’t have dismissed such a measure of cash, others think the dismissal is a decent move on the grounds that the creator’s trustworthiness worth more than cash.

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Besides, ‘Things Fall Apart’ from Chinua Achebe is supposed to be one of the most perused books in Africa with more than 8 million duplicates sold and has been meant more than 40 distinct dialects. Chinua Achebe passed on 21st March, 2013 however his works lives on……………….See More

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