Dear Women, See The 5 Categories Of Men You Should Not Waste Your Time Dating

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Some women get into a relationship and start regretting after some years because they feel they have been wasting their time, and there is no need for such a relationship in the first place.

Because they see no future together, at times some women fail to understand this till they are married to such a partner.

So as a woman, you should pay attention to some things in a man before saying yes, I do or taking the relationship to another level.

If You See These 5 Categories In A Man, You Should Not Waste Your Time Dating Such Person. 

1. A man who is a woman beater, someone who uses you as a punching bag in the name of anger or upset. Such men might not change even after marriage. It takes the grace of God to change such a person, so it is best you save your self and avoid such men if you want a happy and successful marriage.

2. A man who always brag about his father’s wealth and likely uses his father as a source of income. Don’t get me wrong, it is not a crime to come from a rich family, but as a man you have to find your own means to make your own money, not depending on your father’s wealth.

Why you should avoid such men one day: their father might get tired of them or force them to start building themselves up, so they can secure money on their own, and things might not work out as planned.

3. A man who thinks he is always right in all he does. Such men hardly say sorry and have high ego. Avoid such men if you want a happy married life. A man should know when he is right and wrong, not think he is always right all the time.

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4. A man who doesn’t consider your dreams is, all he thinks about is only himself. Any man who tells you to abandon your dreams and focus on his never loved you.

A good boyfriend or man will always support your dreams if it is positive, so if he really likes and values you, he will help you build your future.

5. A man who finds it hard to forgive. Why will you date or marry someone who takes weeks, years to forgive you? Such men, even if they forgive you after some years, they will tend to remember the issues you guys had 3,4 years ago after some little misunderstanding……….See More

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