Dear Men, Do You Know The Cost of A DNA Test In Nigeria? Read To Find Out

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Nowadays, it is difficult to know who the father of a baby is when a woman has different partners.

As a man It is heartbreaking and depressing to find out that the kids you think you fathered, and spent all you resources on are not truly yours.

For the past couple of days there has been a viral news of a Nigerian man identified as Tunde Thomas dying after his wife confessed to him that her Boss is the father of their two kids.

Since the news broke out, so many Nigerian men are now interested in undergoing a DNA test. Some men even think a DNA test in Nigeria cost just N10,000.

A DNA test is used to determine whether someone is the father (or sometimes even mother) of the child through DNA profiling.

So how much is DNA test in Nigeria? A DNA test in Nigeria costs between N50,000 – N120,000 depending on the hospital, clinic, lab, procedure, and purpose.

For example, tests that involves legal issues tend to be more expensive and could even be as high as N120,000 – N150,000. In addition, DNA test is usually more costly in private clinics, labs or hospitals.

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As you can see, finding out whether you are the daddy is not cheap. With the high rate of paternity Fraud in Nigeria, should DNA test be made free and compulsory in Nigeria?…………..See More

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