Dead Man Made To Sit On A Chair To Attend His Own Funeral See (Photos)

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Nothing is new again to us in this world we live in. what’s is trading now is people arranging dead bodies to pose on the day of their funeral some stands some seat and we all understand the normal way and Africa culture a dead body need to remain in the coffin for people to see not in another mood or shape.

Here is a story of a Dead man that his family position him on a chair as if his alive seating on the chair and watching things around him.

The ways people and member of the family position dead bodies today is alarming you can see different types of position standing, seating or any ways they like is know more new again even we Africa now practice it.

Here is the picture of the dead man seating down on his own funeral:

These happen with the help of chemicals injected on his body to make him stand or position in any manners of way they want it, it’s called embelling.

Let hear from you can you attend such burial or treat a family or friend, relative close to you on their funeral this way? What makes people behave like this? Is it because of much love they have for the person when he, she was alive?.

Many people believe is a good thing to do because it help the family and relative still feel the person presence and feel like his still among them…………See More

See some reaction of people toward this trading body stuff:

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