Church of Satan Replies Man Who Promise To Build An Altar For Them If They Give Him Wealth

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We all know about the church of Satan is not a new thing to us at list you should have some ideas about them.

This religion was created to served and worship the devil. The church of Satan was created the year 1966, by the man name Anton Szandor Lavey. He was the man controlling the affairs of the church till he pass away the year 1997.

The church first started in California, Usa and was moved to new York few years after Szandor Lavey passed away. As we speak now the church of Satan headquarters is now located at new York city.

A young man named Emmanuel commented on the church of Satan official page saying and pleading for the church of Satan to give him wealth, money And he will build am altar for them which his going to worship them in it.

Emmanuel also told the church of Satan his a young man with a bright future all he ask for them is wealth and money and he will keep serving them as his lord.

On a normal note the church of Satan admin controlling the page activities on twitter have the habits of replying almost everyone on the officially twitter page of anything that lead to the church of Satan organization.

The church of Satan replayed to the man comment saying capital NO. This means the church of Satan didn’t accept the pleading of Emmanuel………….See More 

See some funny reaction of some fans under the comment box;


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