Check Out What 8 Nollywood Stars Wanted To Be Before They Became Famous (Photos)

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When we were younger, we all had aspirations and dreams of what we wanted to become when we grew up. There were multiple dreams for some of us, and some of our aspirations changed over time. Have you ever wondered what some of Nollywood’s most famous actors and actresses aspired to be while they were younger?

We tend to believe that people who succeed in Nollywood have been wishing to become a movie star since day one. However, this isn’t always true. Infact, many well-known actors and actresses had childhood dreams that were vastly different from their reality. Let’s take a quick glimpse at the childhood dreams of some of the most successful men and women in Nigeria’s movie industry.

1. Kate Henshaw

Kate Henshaw has been a mainstay of Nollywood for many years, but if it weren’t for her dislike to blood and injections, she would have been saving lives as a doctor in the hospital.

2. Antar Laniyan

Antar Laniyan has been one of Nollywood’s most in-demand performers for many years, but he grew up with an entirely different career in mind. Antar Laniya grew up in the barracks and aspired to be a soldier as a child, but changed his mind after listening to the advice of his elders.

He said in an interview with Punch that he was grateful to God that he did not later join the military because he would have engaged in a coup and maybe gotten himself killed.

3. Fred Amata

Today, Fred Amata is the President of the Directors Guild of Nigeria, but he had a different career in mind while growing up. Incase you aren’t aware, the veteran actor attempted a career in football but was rejected.

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The football scouts, according to Fred, were unwilling to take him and were dishonest with the selection process. He said he wasn’t ad about it but saw it as fate.

4. Empress Njamah

Since her debut in 1995, Empress Njamah has dominated Nollywood. However, as a child, the actress had no intention of becoming an actress. Her childhood ambition was to pursue a career as a dancer.

5. Moyo lawal wanted to be a musician

If she hadn’t been an actress, Moyo Lawal would have been on the same level as Simi, Tiwa Savage, Tems, Teni, and Niniola in the music industry. She had always aspired to be a musician, despite being shy as a child.

6. Sambasa Nzeribe thought of being a footballer

If he hadn’t entered the film industry, handsome Nollywood actor Sambasa Nzeribe would have been dribbling like Lionel Messi and scoring like Cristiano Ronaldo. He used to exercise a lot as a kid and aspired to be a famous football player.

7. Alex Usifo thought of being a priest

What would Nollywood be like if Alex Usifo was not the villain? The veteran actor had planned to enter the seminary to become a Catholic priest, but he changed his mind and dropped out.

8. Yul Edochie thought of being a soldier or WWE wrestler


Though it’s difficult to picture Yul Edochie as anything other than a movie star, he once dreamed of being a soldier. In addition to becoming a soldier, Yul Edochie wanted to be a WWE wrestler. If he had been a wrestler, he would have been dubbed “Nigerian Batista” since he looks a lot like Batista………….See More

What did you say you wanted to be when you were a kid?

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