Check Out The Current Looks Of 10 Famous Nigerian Musicians From The 2000s (Photos)

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Wizkid, Davido, and Burna Boy’s songs are currently trending, but every now and then we want to listen to some classics. We want to ‘Kpolongo’ with Danfo Driver, hear Estar of Resonance singing ‘Chinwe Ike’, and Djinee telling us about ‘Ego’. The 2000s was truly a great decade for music, and we can’t stop coming back to the songs we loved listening to when we were younger.

In today’s article, we will take you on a journey down memory lane to discover how some of the Nigeria’s best musician on the 2000’s look today.

My relationship with music in the early 2000s was, to put it mildly, interesting. (And I’m sure yours was as well.) Back then, the beat of the songs didn’t matter; what mattered more were the lyrics and the music’s ability to connect with us. And, by the way, if you know these musicians and their hit songs, you should be married with children by now.

Ego by Djinee

My Car by Tony Tetulia

Mo So Rire by Paul Play Diaro

Le Le by Estar of Resonance

Akapko by Terry G

Kolomental by Faze

Kponlogo by Danfo Driver (Mountain Black)

Ijoya by Weird MC

Too much money by Kelly Hansome

Ko Ma Roll by Mocheddah

You’ll agree with me that you’re overdue for a marriage if you listen to know these musicians and listen to their songs. Who was your favorite back then?………….See More

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