Check Out How The Earth Will Look Like If Everybody Dies (Photos)

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Since most power stations work on fossil fuels, lights around the world will begin to shut down several hours after humanity disappears. Without people, nobody will charge them so they will stop for eight hours after a sudden drop in energy consumption has been registered. In addition, all nuclear power plants are switching to safety mode. On the contrary, the windmills will continue to work until the lubricant runs out and due to dust deposits, the solar panels will eventually become useless too.

Nearly every region will have its power cut off except those supplied by the hydroelectric power stations. The water flow from lake mead normally activates the dam generators. Thus, for several months or even years they might be left unattended, resulting in their breakdown.



Two or three days after we have disappeared from the planet, most of the world’s metros will be flooded, because the pumps that protect them from the underground waters will not work without people. Pets locked at home after 10 days will start dying of hunger and dehydration. Eventually billions of chicken and millions of cows as well as other farm animals will be dead and those who have managed to make their way out will enter a ruthless struggle for survival.

Out of a month when we disappear, all cooling water from nuclear power plants will evaporate, resulting in a series of explosions that are much stronger than the Fukushima and Chernobyl disasters. The alive animals will consequently die from cancer and other chronic diseases. All the satellites are going to fall away like shooting stars. The air would be cleaner, and there would be an abundant rise in vegetation. Visibility range will get longer for some cities. The metal will start to corrode slowly and, after a few hundred years, tall buildings and bridges will begin to fall off. Subsequently, a rise of new civilization as a whole could take place, and thus, a new life to prevail after millions of years……….See More


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