Are We Not Ashamed To Be Going To Market To Buy Pepper And Everybody Will Be Blaming Govt? – Umo Eno

Governor Umo Eno of Akwa Ibom State has called on civil servants in the state to take up farming as a hobby to address the skyrocketing cost of food items.

The price of pepper, a staple ingredient in Nigerian cuisine, has tripled in recent months.

According to the report by Premium Times on Tuesday, Governor Eno lamented the situation, saying that he was told that pepper is now three for N200.

He asked if it is not shameful that everyone goes to the market to buy pepper and still blame the government for the high cost of things in the market.

Speaking further, he encouraged the state’s 52,000 civil servants to utilize the designated farm days (first and last Fridays of the month) to engage in farming, no matter how small.

He said that by doing so, the collective efforts would provide food for the state, and reduce reliance on market purchases.

He said, “We have 52,000 civil servants in the state. If 50,000 come together to farm, no matter how small, even half hectare, I am sure we will be able to provide food for our state.

“I was told that pepper is three for N200. Are we not ashamed to be going to the market to buy pepper and everybody will be blaming government?”

Governor Eno fondly recalled his grandmother’s home farm, where she grew leaves and pepper, and cooked three meals a day.

He urged residents to return to the practice of planting farms in front of their homes, assuring that the government would address challenges like fuel costs.

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He said, “We are not lazy people. My grandmother used to have a farm in our house. All the leaves, pepper, and she cooks three times a day….Séē Moré

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