Anyone Who Does This Will Be A Rogue, Not A Judge —Odinkalu Reacts To Court Ruling On Kano Emirship

In a recent statement via his official X account, Professor Chidi Anselm Odinkalu, a well-known human rights lawyer and former Chairman of Nigeria’s National Human Rights Commission has reacted to a Federal High Court decision over Emirship tussle in Kano State.

The controversy arose after a Federal High Court ruling in Kano.

The court, presided over by Judge Abdullahi Liman, set aside a law previously used to dethrone Emir Bayero and others.

This decision has brought huge discussion and debate, Odinkalu did not hold back in his criticism.

He further accused the judge of overstepping his jurisdiction.

“Today in Kano, Abdullahi Liman, a judge of @FederalHigh, has overruled longstanding @SupremeCourtNg precedent, assumed jurisdiction he does not have to grant reliefs the parties did not ask for in exercise of powers that he lacks. Anyone who does this is a rogue not a judge,” Odinkalu wrote.

The human rights lawyer did not hide his words in his assessment of the judge’s actions.

The case has gained widespread attention, given its implications for judicial authority and the precedent it might set.

The dethronement law, previously upheld, had been used to remove several traditional rulers, including Emir Bayero.

The court’s decision to set aside this law has been seen by some as a challenge to established legal norms.

Many argue that Judge Liman’s ruling undermines the authority of the Supreme Court and disrupts the legal framework governing traditional rulership in Nigeria…..See More

It’s A Mockery Of Rule Of Law If A High Court Judge Ignores The Judgement Of The S’court—Femi Falana

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