Anioma: During Presidential Election They’ll Be S’South, After Election They’ll Be Igbos- Amobi Ogah

A member representing Isuikwuato/Umunneochi federal constituency, Honourable Amobi Ogah, has said that they do not need any form of distraction in their demand for the creation of an additional state in the South-East zone.

Speaking during a recent interview with Channels Television, Amobi Ogah said that they are demanding for the creation of Etiti State, and added that Etiti is an Igbo word that stands for equality.

However, some persons from Anioma in Delta State have said that the additional state should be created from Anioma because the Anioma people are Igbos.

They said that the people of Anioma speak Igbo language, and that they have what it takes to function as a state.

Speaking about the issue, Amobi Ogah said that the creation of the additional state is not about Igbos from other states, but that they are talking about a state created from the South-East region to make it equal with other zones.

He tackled the Anioma people who are laying claims to being Igbos. He said that during the presidential election the Anioma people always claim to be part of the South-South region, but after the election they would start claiming that they are Igbos.

He said, “Give the South-East what is due for them. Balance the South-East, at least six, six, six. We are not even talking about seven. So when we now talk about seven to get to other people, then we can now call our brothers who are in Anioma, if they are ready. Because, during presidential election they will now be South-South, after the election they will now be Igbos. Let us be sincere in this country…..See More


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