After 7 Months Of Marriage, Wife Calls Out Husband For Not Including Her Name In His Properties

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Marriage works with understanding and love; without these two things, marriage can be toxic or unhealthy. Within 7 months of marriage, a woman calls out her husband for refusing to include her name on his own properties.

It was stated that this marriage is just barely 7 months old, and the wife is now worried and feeling embattled about why her husband has not included her name on properties he owns at the moment.

The news has been on some social network pages that a woman is right to demand her husband to include her name on the properties her husband owns since they have been legally married for 7 months.

According to her statements:

She might mean no harm, weunderstand, but do you think she’s moving in the right way or trying to protect her husband from something that she has not yet disclosed to us?

Do you think she’s moving in the right way by demanding her husband include her name in his property barely after 7 months of marriage?

What do you think about this? If you find yourself in these shoes, how will you react to it? Is it right for the wife to demand her name be included on her husband’s properties since they are now married?…..See More 

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