A House of N15bn, What Is it in That House That is N15bn? The Carpet or the Bed?’ —Babachir Lawal

Former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Babachir Lawal, has criticised the government’s prioritisation of luxury projects over the welfare of citizens. In an interview with Arise TV, he expressed disbelief at the construction of a N15 billion house, questioning what could possibly justify such an exorbitant cost.

Lawal rhetorically asked if the carpet, bed, or mattress could be worth such a staggering amount. He accused the government of using such projects to distract from the real issues, like poverty and hunger. He emphasised that symbols like a national anthem mean little to those struggling to survive, highlighting the need for a more practical and people-focused approach to governance.

Watch the video from 17:07.

According to him, “A house of N15 billion, what is in that house? What is it in that house that is N15 billion? The carpet, the bed, the mattress? What is it? So people understand this, and the government is busy doing minor things to distract attention. You talk of a new national anthem. The national anthem means nothing to the belly of a poor man, a hungry man, or a man who needs to dress well and go to work. What is the national anthem to him…See More

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