80 Lucrative Skills You Can Learn In Nigeria And Be Your Own Boss

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Nigeria’s youths need ideas when it comes to skills they can learn which will fetch them a good amount of money because African countries these days suffer from lack of unemployment because of the population they are facing.

People tend to learn skills and be their own boss without looking for help from the government for everything.

So if you want to be your own boss or have an alternative business or like to have an idea on the skills to acquire, you are in the right place.

Skills popularly known as hand-work are very good, and it helps you to acquire extra means of income without waiting for the government to employ you. It is true, some people are natural-born with skills, while others have to struggle to learn one skill or the other.

Here Are 80 Lucrative Skills You Can Learn And Be Your Own Boss:

1. Tailoring.

2. Phone repairs.

3. Playing music instruments.

4. Laptop repairs

5. Carpentry

6. Driving

7. Masonry

8. Brick laying

9. Web design

10. Phone application development

11. Software programming

12. Massaging

13. Snack baking

14. Cake making

15. Hair dressing

16. Manicure

17. Vehicle mechanic

19. Generator mechanic

20. Music production

21. Video editing

22. Graphic design

23. Graphic art

24. Dancing

25. Singing

26. Football or any other sports

27. Weightlifting or any other gymnastics

28. Sprinting or any other athletics

29. Welding

30. Pop ceiling installation

31. Solar installation

32. CCTV installation

33. Streetlight installation

34. Automatic gate installation

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35. Electrical equipment installation and maintenance

36. Plumbing

37. Ice cream making

38. Cooking

39. Writing

40. Public speaking

41. Canoeing

42. Swimming

43. Typing

45. Frying of nuts and cereals – groundnut, pop corn, etc.

46. Building art work

47. Building Painting

48. Vehicle paint spraying

49. Vulcanizing

50. Television repairs

51. Radio repairs

52. Telecommunication mast installation and maintenance

53. Truck driving

54. Caterpillar driving

55. Event location decoration

56. Photography

57. Costuming

58. Make-up artist

59. Hairstyling

60. Building plan drawing

61. Iron bending

62. Panel beating

63. Air conditioner installation

64. Teaching

65. Acting

66. Caterpillar driving

67. Knitting

68. Shoe making and repair

69. boat repairs

70. Boat building

71. Fishing

72. Sports officiating

73. Sports coaching

74. Interlock stone molding

75. Brick molding

76. Interlock stone installing

77. Bead works

78. Wig making

79. Computer Applications

80. Aluminum and glass works.

Here is some list of lucrative skills you can acquire in Nigeria which might fetch you enough money and help you make a decent living from the comfort of your zone.

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