8 Signs A Girl Has Lost Interest In A Relationship

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There are some signs a girl will show she has lost interest in a relationship without telling you physically she’s no more comfortable staying in a relationship with you anymore.

But as a man, it is best if you notice such a sign in your woman and call her attention to know your stand if you are in a relationship, or you are just dating yourself.

Here Are 8 Signs A Girl Has Lost Interest In A Relationship. 

1. She Doesn’t Want To Hear About Marriage.

If your girl freaked out when you guys talked about marriage, it is a clear sign she’s not into you, and she doesn’t see you in her future.

She’s probably not interested in you when it comes to marriage. She doesn’t see you worthy enough to spend the rest of her life with.

2. Likewise, she Hardly Calls You Or Never Calls You. 

Such girls hardly call you to check on you and see how you are even doing, when they call it might because they need favor from you. Such girls are not into you. A girl that really loves you would like to keep in touch with you. No matter how little the conversation is, she would like to call you at times with her own phone. Not you are doing all the calling all the time.

3. She Hardly Checks Up On You.

You guys are in a relationship, but she hasn’t checked up on you for weeks or months, she’s always busy. Even if you are sick, she finds it hard to get across to you and check how you are feeling. As a guy, ask yourself this question: are you dating yourself or are you in a relationship?

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4. She Introduces You Like Just A Friend To Her Close Friends Or People That Matter To Her. 

If she can’t value you in the public, it means she doesn’t see you as her man or boyfriend. She introduces you as just a friend to her family or friends, but secretly you guys are in a relationship.

If she really loves and cherished you in her life and the relationship, she will definitely want the people that matter in her life to know about you.

5. She Takes Eternity To Reply Your Messages On Social Network.

We all know how girls love their phones and how they keep it close to them. The truth is, girls value and cherish people they want too.

If you are in a relationship with a girl, and she always takes hours, days to reply your messages, but she’s always online. Some who really love you and feel something for you will learn to reply your messages instantly because they love you and cherish the relationship they have with you. If she’s not doing this, she’s not serious about you, or she has lost interest in such a relationship.

6. She Hardly Has Time For You.

She might just be using you to pass time in the name of a relationship. Furthermore, she’s always busy all the time. Such a girl will only have your time when she needs you.

If she hardly has time for you, my brother, you are in the friend zone. Nobody is 100% busy, if she really cherishes and loves you, she will create a chance for you.

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7. She doesn’t Respect The Love You Have For Her. 

It is just you the one dating her, not she dates you. She doesn’t respect the love you have for her, and she’s not scared of losing you in the relationship because she has it in mind other guys are flaunting around her.

A true relationship is all about commitment and love. As a guy, if your woman shows you these negative signs, you have to rethink your love life.

8. She Tells You In Your Face She Doesn’t Love You. 

These are the last stage a girl is no more in love with you, or she has lost interest in the relationship.

As a guy, once your girlfriend says this to your face, it is best to end such a relationship because she no longer loves you or has feelings for you. It is best you respect yourself and end such a relationship, then keep begging such a woman to be in your life because soon or later such a relationship might still end, and you will be heartbroken at the end…………..See More

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