8 Negative Words Parents Should Avoid Saying To Their Kids

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Training up kids or parenting is not an easy job. Having kids at home 24/7 monitoring their movement and helping with improving their mindset is not an easy task, and at times it stresses parents out more.

But as parents, if you want to keep a good relationship with your children, there are some things you don’t have to say to your kids because such things might affect them emotionally or physiologically. So as parents, if you say any of these to your children, it is better, you stop because you are hurting them.

Here Are 8 Negative Words Parents Should Avoid Saying To Their Kids.

1. You Are Selfish. 

It is natural for all kids to behave selfish at a younger age, but as parents, telling your kids on their faces you are selfish can cause a lifelong trauma.

It is best for you to experience yourself in another way that you are disappointed with what your child does than telling them to their faces they are selfish. Such a type of language is not good for kids.

2. Why Can’t You Be More Like Your Sibling?

Sibling rivalry is something Africa parents mostly need to stop when parents keep promoting who is best between their children. It might lead to damages of the kids’ reasoning, and they might start getting jealous of each other.

Such things can make a child think he or she is not good enough, and such things can result in conflict among siblings, which is not good.

3. You Are Stupid.


Stop staying these to your kids unless you want to permanently harm the relationship you share with your kids. No matter how angry or upset you are, never tell your children they are stupid.

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At times, we get angry as parents or frustrated, but mind the way you talk to your kids. At that moment, such words might cause them an injury that will last for a long time. Such words will make your child think bad or in a negative direction about themselves.

4. Why Can’t You Do Anything Right?

It sounds like a question, but it is a hurtful one. No one is perfect, you should understand that as a parent. A kid that is not good at singing might be good at dancing, so never use such words on your kids.

5. You Are Lazy.

Kids act lazy at times, it’s natural, but telling your kids you are lazy will only make them feel there’s nothing they can change about themselves, this is just who they are.

Never label or tag your kids lazy, never use such words on them, no kids are lazy, it depends on the mindset.

6. You Should Have Done Better.

Everyone wants their kids to be the best in anything they do, mostly when it comes to educational background. You want your kids to get “As” instead of B is a normal thing for every parent, but telling them you should have done better, or their efforts are not enough will only make them feel bad about their abilities.

It is better you praise and cherish the grades they accomplish and stick a price on them to do better. In such a way, your child will understand you love them and want them to do more, stating you are going to give them a gift if they can do better.

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7. I don’t Believe You.

Never say that to your kids if you want your kids to feel comfortable talking to you or opening up to you about something.

As responsible parents, create space for acceptance and belief when your kids try to tell you something is very important.

But when you always make this kind of statement, I don’t believe you. It will not only hurt your kids, but it will make them start hiding their feelings or never disclose significant things to you because you will never believe it. You think your child always lies.

Such things can lead to serious damage with the relationship you share with your kids, and such kids will learn to hide their emotions and actions from you because they no longer feel safe opening up to you as their parents.

Learn to ask your children about their daily activities as a parent. It will help to foster a productive conversation with your kids, and by doing these you get to understand your children more and know when they are sad or not.

8. You Are The Man Of The House.

This goes directly to the fathers, telling your kids that you are the man of the house is wrong because. They are not. Even if you mean it as a joke, it is not funny. It only makes your son go through undue burden, especially if the kid is dealing with family stress at that moment.

Such words put too much pressure on a male child to fulfill a role he is not ready for at that age. So as fathers, stop telling your kids such words. You are only hurting them emotionally. You can say make sure you take care of yourself, siblings and mummy. Then, saying you are now the man of the house is as if you give up on yourself as their father. It is your responsibility to take care of your home as a man, and a father never says such words to your children. You are the man of the house, even if your children are up to 20 years old…...See More

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