7 Reasons Why Most Women Avoid Their Husbands At Night

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Some women today avoid their husband at night, but some men find it hard to understand what is wrong and why their wife is avoiding them.

This happens when the man tends to change after marriage and forget to dress good and look pleasant as before. These at times make a woman love dropped, or she might start getting irritated by her man.

Here Are 7 Reasons Why Most Woman Avoid Their Husband At Night. 

1. You Don’t Say Sorry When Wrong. 

As a man, you should understand you are now married, and regardless of what is going on in your marriage life or home, you should learn to say sorry when you are wrong.

You can’t hurt your wife in the daytime and start looking for her attention at night because you want to take her to the other room.

Learn to always say sorry when you are wrong. If you value your relationship or marriage.

2. You Only Care About Your self in The Relationship. 

You should remember you now have a wife, and you have to seek her opinion or carry her along in your daily activities. Not only that, but you are now married, learn to respect and love your wife.

The marriage should be 50/50 when it comes to making decisions. Don’t just take decisions on your own, it is a relationship, not a war front.

3. You Are Not Romantic.

Women like romantic men, a man that will understand how she feels and make her feel good, but some men are not romantic at all when it comes to a relationship or marriage.

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You should learn to be delicate and romantic to your wife on a daily basis, not when you want to take her to the other room before you show some sign of a romantic husband.

4. You Don’t Take Care Of Your Body Or You Smell and Sweat. 

As a man, it is good to take your bath at least two times a day and look good.

Make sure you take your bath before sleeping, no matter what women like clean men. No woman would like to do anything with a man that sweats gravely. It kills the mood in a woman.

Before going to bed, look good and smell pleasant. Learn to change your under-wear after two days of using. Women like clean men…………..See More 

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