6 Things Most Women Do When They No Longer Want To Be With You

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There are some type of negative character some women tend to exhibit when they are tired of a relationship, or they don’t want the relationship anymore.

As a man, you have to notice such character or indicators in your relationship. If you have any of these signs in your relationship, it means your woman is getting tired of the relationship or the love is no more there like before.

Here Are 6 Things Most Women Do When They No Longer Want To Be With You. 

1. A woman who no longer loves you or has feelings for you would not like to spend time with you like before. She will start getting irritated when she’s with you and always want to leave if she has the opportunity.

2. She gets angry easily or picks offense in anything you do. Likewise, she hardly wants to make you happy. Furthermore, she is never comfortable or happy with the things you have done for her.

Once you notice this sign in your woman, it means she no longer loves you as she used to, the feelings are dropping.

3. She starts ignoring your calls, text and message. She finds it hard to call you herself. You will be the one doing the calling, texting and every important thing in the relationship. She no longer cares about your feelings.

4. She starts comparing you with other men or saying her ex are better than you. This is a sign the men she moves with are superior to you, and you are not her match. It is a sign she’s getting fed up with the relationship.

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5. She started asking you for breakup after a little misunderstanding. She always wants to leave the relationship because she’s already tired and finding a way to leave. So any opportunity she has, she will use it well.


6. She now gets ashamed or scared to be seen or walk with you in the public. She never presents you to her friends as a boyfriend or lover. Not only that, but she just likes calling you a friend, even if you guys are in a relationship.

Furthermore, she starts keeping the relationship too secretive and private, only both of you know that you guys are dating. That a red flag and a sign she’s not proud of you or the relationship.

When you see these signs in your relationship, you have to ask yourself whether you are truly in a relationship or just wasting your time…..See More

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