6 Ex-Actors Who Left Nollywood And What They Now Do (Photos)

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Nothing lasts forever, regardless of how much you want it to. Even if you adore something, it is completely normal to grow tired of a hobby or a profession.

Nollywood is full of skilled actors that have proven to be good at what they do. However, when new stars emerge, veteran ones depart. In the previous decade, Nollywood has seen tremendous growth, as well as the abrupt disappearance of some of the best on-screen characters. If you’ve been wondering why you haven’t seen some of your favorite old-time actors in action, I’m here to tell you what happened to them and what they are doing now.

1. Pat Attah

Pat Attah was one of the most well-known faces in Nollywood in the early 2000s. The actor, who was born in Anambra State, relocated to Germany, and is now a musician. His first single, “Sunshine,” was released in 2018.

2. Femi Ogedengbe 

In 2016, Femi Ogedengbe moved to the United States. He’s now working as a security guard over there. He said that poverty was the driving force for his decision to relocate.

3. Saint Obi (Now late) 

Even though Saint Obi is still very much living in Nigeria, the fact remains that he has stopped acting. Saint Obi gave up acting to pursue other interests. He is currently a well-known entrepreneur.

4. Charles Okafor

Charles Okafor was a star during his time in the Nigerian movie industry. Because of his religious beliefs, he officially left Nollywood in 2013. Charles Okafor is now a pastor who is passionate about bringing souls into God’s Kingdom. He preaches in Nigeria, Cameroon, United States, and other countries.

5. Ejike Metusela

Ejike Metusela, who has starred in films such as “Rattle Snake,” “Battle of Musaga,” and others, is now a politician. He once contested under the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) to represent Amuwo-Odofin Constituency in the Lagos State House of Assembly.

6. Tuvi James

You might not recognize him right away, but he was a well-known actor in Nollywood a few years ago. Tuvi James presently resides in South Africa and works as a Gospel musician.

Pictures Credit: Facebook, Instagram.

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