4 Things That Prove Davido’s Heart Is Bigger Than The Millions In His Bank Account (Photos)

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David Adedeji Adeleke, better known as Davido, is one of Nigeria’s most well-known superstars due to his kindness and humility. Despite his father’s wealth and fame, he did not rely on it, and this helped develop the singer into the man he is today: good, charitable, and a wonderful father. For this and many more reasons, he is unquestionably one of Africa’s most popular celebrities, and rightfully so.

If you are not a big fan of Davido, I would like to share with you the 4 reasons why millions of people over the world adore him!

1. Davido Is A Great Father

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Davido is the perfect example of a super dad who adores his children. Being a father to three children from different women is a great challenge, but he just makes it look easy. Despite his tight schedule, he always finds time to spend with his children. He was caught spanking his daughter Hailey who was twerking in a viral video a few months back, proving that he is a good dad.

2. Davido is one of the most generous persons you’ll ever meet.

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For fans, the most appealing aspect of a celebrity is likely their kindness. And Davido is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet! From the start of his career till now, the singer has been one of the most generous and compassionate persons in the music industry. He has funded the education of innumerable people and continues to assist the poor.

Abubakar is one of the many children to whom Davido has provided scholarships ranging from primary school to university.

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Utibe is another child who has benefited from Davido’s generosity through a scholarship.

Image Credit: Instagram

Image Credit: Instagram

3. Davido Care About His Fans and Friends

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Davido is a well-known African celebrity with a large following. That, however, does not make him proud, as he is always quick to thank his followers. He also remembers his friends, rewarding them with cars, personalized chains, and houses in appreciation of their efforts.

4. Davido is an inspiration to many

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Many youths and upcoming musicians in Nigeria have been inspired by Davido. Mayorkun is an example of an up-and-coming artist whose life has been transformed by his hard work and inspiration from Davido.


Image Credit: Instagram

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