4 Reasons Why People Stay in Toxic Relationships

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Some people remain in a toxic relationship even if they are not happy in the relationship. The truth is, every single relationship has a level of toxicity, but if it is too much and starting to hurt your mental and emotional health, you have to start thinking positively about yourself.

At times, leaving a toxic relationship might be a very hard thing to do.

Here Are 4 Reasons Why People Stay in Toxic Relationships

1. You Are Scared Of Loneliness. 

Being scared of loneliness or being single makes some people scared to leave a toxic relationship. At times society can make people feel staying single is bad, but the truth is it is better you stay single than stay in a toxic relationship.

2. Having Low Self-esteem.

People who have low self-esteem about themselves have the tendency of saying in a toxic and unhealthy relationship.

Even after experiencing abuse and toxic behavior from their partner, they still choose to remain in such a relationship after seeing all these red flags.

Such people always believe they are the fault for their partner’s toxic behavior, which is not true. Someone who is toxic is always toxic. Having low self-esteem has its own disadvantages, it will make someone question their own worth and be little themselves in their relationship.

3. Believing That Things Might Change.

Some people remain in a toxic relationship for years thinking their partner will change, or think the reasons their partner is unhealthy or toxic to them are because of difficult circumstances their partner is facing at the moment.

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But in reality, it only turns out that the behavior of their partner only gets worse, and the relationship gets more toxic and damaged.

4. Being Afraid Of Rejection.

Some people stay in an unhealthy or toxic relationship because they are scared of being rejected in the future. So they prefer sticking in their current relationship no matter how bad it is. People who are scared of rejection find it hard to stand up for themselves in their relationship. They just take things the way they see them, which is bad.

As a man or woman reading this article, you should know when to leave a toxic relationship if it is not working, or you find yourself mentally down or emotionally down. It is best you leave such a relationship, your mental health is very important……See More

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