3 Reasons Why Some Women Die After Child Birth

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At times, pregnancy is one of the difficult periods in a woman’s life. Some women develop certain problems when they are pregnant or in labor. In such cases, proper precautions are not taken care of, it might end in a bad way.

It is no longer news that some women die after childbirth, while others during pregnancy. It is very sad and disheartening when such things happen. In some cases, the child also dies.

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For the sake of raising awareness, we will be discussing the reasons why women die after childbirth.

1. High Blood Pressure.

Some women pass out when giving birth due to increased blood pressure, it can also be known as Pre-eclampsia.

When a woman is about to give birth, some of them suffer from high blood pressure which can be managed by the hospital, but if it is overlooked and not properly taken care of, it can become serious.

Women who suffer from high blood pressure have a high risk of dying during childbirth or labor.

2. Infections

Infections have claimed the life of many pregnant women. Such things usually happen due to poor hygiene at the place of birth or hospital. If a woman is not properly handled hygienically, she might become infected in the process.

Such things can lead to convulsions and other health complications that can lead to death, so infections are one of the tragic reasons why women die after childbirth.

3. Bleeding.

Bleeding during childbirth or after childbirth is very dangerous at times. When a woman bleeds for a long time, it can lead to unconsciousness and sometimes death if not taken care of. Some women are given blood donation after having a child because of much loss of blood………….See More

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