18 Laws Of Wealth – Read To Understand Money

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Just like anything else, wealth accumulation also has its laws.

If you want to accumulate wealth and get rich, simply abide these wealth accumulation rules.

1. The Law of Belief

The law of belief state that whatever it is you believe in, will manifest in your life and become reality.


If you believe you will be rich, you are automatically increasing your chances of getting rich, on the other hand, if you don’t believe you can be rich, it’ll be difficult for you to get rich. Your belief is crucial.

2. The Law of Expectation

The law states that whatever you expect, you get. Your belief determines your expectation. To make the law of Expectation work in your favour, you should have a good belief system in place.

3. The Law of Causes and Effect

This law implies that for everything that happen, there is a reason.

It means there is a reason behind you being rich or poor, it either because of the things you’re doing or not doing, or the things you know or not know – there must surely be a cause.

If you’re poor and what to turn things around, seek the right knowledge about wealth Accumulation and start doing things that’ll make your rich.

4. The Law of Abundance

This law states that no matter how bad things are, or people complain. Always remember that we world we live in, is a world of abundance. Stop believing the notion that there is no money….No. Stop believing that we can’t all be rich when we work our ass off…No.

Train your eyes and mind to see the abundant side of life. Opportunity are everywhere, you’ll be able to see them, only when you learn to see in abundance.

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5. The Law of Attraction

The law of Attraction states that the kind of people you have in your life depends on the kind of your thought.


If you attract wretched and No-Future-Ambition people, that is so because of the type of thinking you abhore.

6. The Law of Exchange

The law states that money is merely a tool in exchange for labour incurred in the production of goods and services – it is not the end goal.


This means that people get paid for providing value for others in need of it. They only get paid as compensation. The more valuable the value you provide, the more money people will be willing to pay you.

7. The Law of Correspondence

The law states that whatever happens to you physically, is a reflection and correspondence of things happening inside of you. If you’re happy inwardly, it’ll reflect outside, so also is if you’re sad, angry, fulfilled, joyful and wealthy.

8. The Law of Conservation

The law explains that, it is not how much you make that determines what your future financial life will look like but how much you’re able to keep.


If you earn big and spend big, it is just as bad as not earning at all. On the other hand, if you earn relatively little but you’re able to keep a reasonable amount, you’re better off.

9. The Law of Investing


This law states that you should make sure to acquire knowledge about the investment you’re about to make before investing your money.

If there is anything that is unclear to you about your preferred investment channel, Never invest.

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Make sure to never lose money. Invest only with recognized and widely know as expert.

10. The Law of Saving

This law states that for you to become rich, you have to save. If you’re not used to saving before, start now.

To have your future secure, start saving as from today.

The Law of Saving remains one of the most important laws when it comes to laws of wealth accumulation, because for anyone to multiply his wealthy, he has to create and keep it first. Without doing so, he can’t be rich.

11. The Law of Compound Interest

The law states that, no matter how small am amount is, if you leave for certain period of time, probably decades. It’ll compound and turn into a huge sim of money.

Have you ever wondered how much $1 will turn to, if it keeps doubling for the next 30 daysDO THE MATHS.

12. The Law of Magnetism

This law simply says, the more money you save, the more you will attract into your life.

This law buttresses the point of The Law of Attraction and that of Saving.

This law explains why some people, through out their lifetime are rich, and others…poor.

13. The Law of Parkinson

This law explains that as your income grow, so also is your expenses. A lot of retiree who remain poor fail to understand this rule.

They keep increase their expenses as their income increase, forgetting the fact that, incomes will reduce overtime or worst, become invalid.

Understand and use the law of Parkinson to your advantage, if you want to accumulate wealth.

14. The Law of Capital

This law states that the amount of money you earn today, is a direct measurement of well you have develop your earning ability.

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The high your capital (knowledge), the higher you earn.

15. The Law  Accumulation


This law states that no matter how much money you make, if you want to retain it, focus on three things.

* Save For Tomorrow

* Insure Important Things

* Invest Your Money

16. The Law of Accumulation


The law of accumulation states that wealth and riches build up overtime, it is small sacrifice and effort that leads to the accumulation of wealth.

Whatever it is you’re currently doing, as long as it is good and pure, keep pushing. It will pay off someday and you’ll be happy…Never give up.

17. The Law of Time Perspective

This This laws states the successful individuals think long-term. They plan and think not only for today, but also for days yet to come.

If you want to accumulate wealth, stop thinking short-term. Start thinking long-term.

18. The Law of Accelerating Acceleration

This law states that, the moment you break the chain of poverty and money starts pumping in, more money will follow. The real stress is to get out of the poverty circle, once you do that, more money will come in…steadily

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