14 Nollywood Stars And The Cartoon Characters They Look Like (Photos)

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We know Nollywood stars. We grew up watching them and they have become part of us. Some of these Nollywood stars are so typecast in our minds that we can’t imagine them playing another role.

I mean, Ramsey Noah as a thug? Or Patience Ozokwor as a good mother-in-law. That can’t happen!

Well have you tried to imagine these Nollywood stars as some of your favorite cartoon characters? That’s what I will be doing today, without further ado, let’s get into it.

1.Jessica Rabbit and Destiny Etiko


Whenever Destiny Etiko walks into a room, people always notice. She’s the sort of actress that makes men go crazy. Just like Destiny Etiko, Jessica Rabbit is a attractive cartoon character.

2. Rapunzel and Regina Daniels


For an actress who’s just 20, Regina Daniels has already had a sterling career. She was marked out for success in Nollywood early on when she appeared in her first ever movie as a kid. With her perfect skin, beautiful eyes and perfect nose, she’s like a Disney princess come to life.

3. Princess Tiana and Lucy Donald


Disney princesses are always pretty, so it’s no surprise they sometimes end up looking like Nollywood actress. In the case of Lucy Donald, I think she’s more than a match for Princess Tiana because she has same skin color, smile and fond of playing the role of a princess in movies.

4. Esmerelda and Chizzy Alichi

5. Prince Charming and Ramsey Nouah

We all know Ramsey Nouah is a very handsome man. When top Nollywood directors need a good-looking man to play the lead role in their latest movie project, Ramsey Nouah is among the list.

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6. Uncle Ruckus and Mr Ibu

Not only do they look alike in size, they both are funny characters.

7. Ursula and Ebele Okaro

8. Phineas & Ferb and Aki & Pawpaw

What I love about Phineas & Ferb is that they are mischievous and funny just like Aki and Paw-Paw.

9. Crying Alice and Nkiru Sylvanus

10. Lion-O and Gentle Jack

Lion O is a fictional super hero with large muscles just like our very own Nollywood hero, Gentle Jack.

11. Donna Tubbs and Mercy Johnson

12. Pocahontas and Genevieve

Genevieve a super perfect, fit body just like Pocahontas

13. Cinderella’s Wicked Step Mother and Patience Ozokwor

You don’t dare step on the toes of these two.

14. King Triton and Pete Edochie

Old, full of wisdom and powerful, they rule their family or kingdom with an iron fist………..See More

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