10 Countries Where Population Of Women Is Higher Than That Of Men

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According to research and the World Bank, the world population is about 7.6 billion.

But in some countries, there are more women than men. In these countries, women outnumbered men. And they are at least 53% of the population in these countries are women.

Here Are 10 Countries With Shortage Of Men, Places Where Men Are Fewer Than Women.

1. Nepal 54.4%

2. Latvia 54.0%

3. Lithuania 53.7%

4. Ukraine 53.7%

5. Russia 53.7%

6. Belarus 53.5%

7. El Salvador 53.2%

8. Armenia 53.0%

9. Estonia 52.7%

10. Brazil 50.8%

In these countries listed, their population of women is higher than of men, as you can see from above. Some causes of these high numbers of women in these specific countries include war, high life expectancy and other factors.

The truth is, gender ratio has a negative and also positive impact on any country or society.

A high rate of emigration of men from these countries to other countries in search of better work and income opportunities also decreased the number of men in their populations.

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